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Artist Crisis Impact Assessment Report

To help NCAPER serve you, and assist others in the future, please complete the following report about the crisis you've experienced, along with its impact, and your recovery.

Description of Damage or After-effects of Crisis

Describe any physical damage to your studio, facility and/or equipment, materials, etc.


Pre-Crisis Preparation
Protective measures measures taken to save lives, protect health and safety, and prevent damage to studio and property.

Post-Crisis Clean-up
Debris removal, clearance, and disposal; ensures your economic recovery; or mitigates the risk to your life and property by removing substantially damaged structures.

Studio, Facility, or Equipment Damage
Work required to restore or repair damage to its pre-crisis design, function, and capacity.

Post-Crisis Business Interruption Costs
Income loss due to operational interruption.

Please provide any additional information that you would like to share, or anything you learned through your experience.
Below you can upload files or tools that helped you through your process. Feel free to share before and after photos of your recovery efforts.
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Upload File
If you would like NCAPER to share your story, file samples, and photos please select yes (no personal information will be shared):

Thanks for submitting!

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