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Image by Jordan McDonald
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We stand with the protests and outrage at the wrongful death of George Floyd and the many deaths of black Americans before him. We see and understand that we must face the issue of systemic racism as part of our mission to build resilience in the arts sector. 
Our community is hurting, devastated by the impact of COVID-19 and all the racial inequities it has laid bare before us. Our work as a Coalition tells us that communities of color are disproportionately affected by disasters of all kinds. 
Therefore, we pledge to improve our outreach to artists and arts organizations of color and engage them more fully in the work we are doing. We need to hear their voices on our Steering Committee and across all programming. We are hopeful for a stronger and more collaborative arts community on the other side of this pain and despair. Artists are agents of change. We commit to being part of the solution of building a more just future for all.  

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