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Who We Are

The Coalition was formed in 2006 in response to the significant losses and devastation artists and creative economies suffered in the wake of 21st-century disasters.

As a voluntary task force of national, regional, state, and local arts organizations, public agencies, and foundations, the Coalition helps ensure that artists, arts/cultural organizations, cultural funders, and arts businesses have the capacity and ability to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies affecting the arts and culture sector.

The Coalition also believes the Arts Sector is an essential collaborator in broader societal efforts for preparedness, emergency response, and recovery to ensure the resilience of the general community.


What We Do

The coalition helps to build the stability and resilience of the art sector by:

  • Coordinating with other arts preparedness programs – including Performing Arts Readiness and ArtsReady and CERF+ the Studio Protector: The Artists’ Guide to Emergencies – to encourage the arts sector to strengthen its readiness and resiliency through planning, networking, and education,

  • Promoting a coordinated system of communication and information sharing for arts responders,  

  • Fostering relationships with emergency service providers and advocating for improved disaster service delivery to artists, arts/cultural organizations, and arts businesses

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