Where to look for help and How to help others
NCAPER is here to help you by fostering relationships with providers in the emergency services sector. The following organizations can assist with reestablishing your art practice and keeping you apprised of funding opportunities:


Coronavirus - Covid 19 - Preparedness for Arts Sector


FAQ - SBA Shuttered Venues Operators Grants

NEA The Art of Reopening Guide

AFTA Covid19 Arts Resource Table 2021

Learn Your State's Creative Economy Stats

Artist Power Center

United States Regional Arts Resilience Fund

HENTF Covid-19 Resource Hub

Artist Fund

Billboard State by State Resources for Musicians

Gig Workers/Independent Contractors/Artists Qualify in CARES ACT

Pro Bono Consultation for Non-Profit Arts or Cultural Organization in America 

Emergency Funds - All Art Forms

Rauschenberg Foundation Emergency Medical Grants for Artists

Music Cares Covid19 Relief Fund

Artist Trust Covid19 Crisis Fund

American's For the Arts: Coronavirus Resource and Response Center

Resources for Freelance Artists

American's For The Arts: How to Move Forward

Americans for the Arts: Arts & Culture Can Prepare for Covid-19

Coronavirus Facts & Prevention

EPA List of Effective Disinfectants 

Event Safety Alliance Webinar

Theatre Communications Group Coronavirus Preparedness

Tennessee Tornado Updates & Recovery

Nashville Scene: How to Help, Where to Get Help

Nashville Chamber of Commerce Recovery Resources

Metro Arts Recovery Resources

2020 Puerto Rico Earthquake

FEMA UPDATE: Hoja informativa diaria, 4 de febrero de 2020 

FEMA UPDATE: February 4th Fact Sheet (English)


Puerto Rico Museums Mobilize to Help Relief Efforts

CERF Emergency Fund For Puerto Rico Artists Open

Govenor Vasquez declares State of Emergency

FEMA Response Puerto Rico Earthquake

NY Govenor Reassigns Power Experts to Aid in Quake Resposne